How to Keep Your Yard Free of Mosquitoes

How to Keep Your Yard Free of Mosquitoes

Did you know that mosquitos kill more people than murderers do? Yes! These killer bugs are responsible for spreading life threatening diseases including malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya and many more, which claim a whopping 600,000 humans lives per year. You’ll therefore be doing yourself and the people around you a huge favor by eradicating the blood suckers from your property. However, to effectively rid your yard of mosquitos, you’ll have to understand a thing or two about these pesky insects and stay ahead of their plans. Here’s a simple guide on how to keep your outdoors mosquito free.

Destroy Their Nesting Sites

If you have watched Aliens, the 1986 horror movie, then you already know that to conquer an ever growing army of pest-like intruders, you have to first take out their breeding grounds. Mosquitos are no different. Firstly, you should understand the mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. As such, you should take the necessary precautions by checking and draining any stagnant water in your yard. Places to check include gutters, ponds, kiddie pools, flower pots, tires, puddles, old buckets, pet bowls, etc. Essentially, anything that can hold water is a potential nesting ground for mosquitoes; cutting them down to one generation will surely reduce the number of disease carrying fliers in your yard.

Decorate Your Yard with Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

After eradicating their breeding grounds, you’ll need to keep mosquitoes from other areas from coming into your yard. Well, what better way to do it than to use plants that have both scenic value and scents that repel the little suckers. That’s right, plants like citronella, marigold, and catnip are known mosquito deterrents you can opt for.  Here is more information on plants that repel mosquitoes.

Install Bug Lights Instead of using Incandescent Lights in Your Yard

As you may already know, insects are attracted to conventional light bulbs for various reasons. As a result, mosquitos might be attracted to your yard because of the type of security lights you have on your porch, gate or just around the property. It is therefore advisable to use lights that do not attract insects such as the Warm LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, or other insect lights to keep mosquitos at bay.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Mosquitoes like to hide in dark places especially during the day to strike at night. Therefore, outgrown bushes and branches, unkempt fences, overgrown grass and heaps of debris and plant matter in your yard are perfect hiding places for mosquitos. As such, keeping your yard clean by pruning and trimming your plants and fence and mowing your lawn are imperative for a mosquito free yard.

Note that, mosquitoes are can be annoyingly persistent even with these strategies if your immediate neighbors don’t join in your efforts. However, if the problem persists after all the effort, you can always consider professional treatment services. Otherwise, follow these four simple tips to kick mosquitoes out of your yard.