So you think you have termites?

So you may have gone past the stage of wondering whether you have termites and you’re at that frustrating realization that yeah, you do. What now?

Step One: Keep Calm and Carry On

Cool heads prevail here. No need to panic. Termites have been around for a long time, and we have ways and means of dealing with them. Chill.

Step Two: Identify that little punk

There are four broad categories of termite: Subterranean, Drywall, Formosan, or Desert. Which you have is probably related to your climate, the type of wood in your house, and where the problem appears to originate, location-wise.

Step Three: Call in the Cavalry

A pest control service like Pest Alert, a Dubbo termite firm, has stared into the beady little eyes of these wood-hating savages many times before. It ain’t their first rodeo.

Step Four: Go Camping

This one’s open to interpretation, but whatever your version of getting the hell out of dodge for a day or two and letting the professionals work their pest control magic is, do it. 

Step Five: Assess the area and formulate a plan

When you return from your camping trip/spa retreat/bender in the city/meditation on a mountaintop, you can come back and see where the pest control company has indicated the most termite damage has already been done, and begin to plan your renovations accordingly. The earlier this process is done, the less expensive the bill is.