Common Places Cockroaches Hide in Your Home



Cockroaches are resourceful insects that can hide your house in so many ways. They fly, crawl through small crevices, bags, sometimes shoes, boxes, and containers where they can hitch a ride and go to another place.


So, if you see a small crack in your home or anywhere outside your property, trust that a cockroach and its cohorts have already made that spot as their passage.


What Attracts the Cockroach?

These insects are highly attracted to exposed left over food.

For these insects, finding crumbs of food in the sink, laying on the floor or just plain in sight, these critters will eye their prize almost instantly without a doubt.


So, when you’re in the dining area or at the kitchen, keep your food away, store them or discard them safely. Always clean your eating space so these roaches aren’t invited with tiny food droppings that you didn’t notice immediately.


Cockroaches find moist places attractive as well.

You will find cockroaches hanging out in leaky pipes under your house. They can be also seen lurking under spaces where it’s always wet such as the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and loitering about in the garage where there’s a leak.


Seems like they always have places to stay, which is so true about them. That said, cockroaches aren’t seasonal insects as they tend to be around all the time.


Where Else Do Cockroaches Hide?

They thrive mostly in places where it’s dark and wet.

Cockroaches nest in clothes, cabinets, shoes, curtains… even right in your own bed.

It’s a horrible truth in every household. Always remember to keep your things and home clean, free of food droppings, and plan a schedule of having cockroach pest control come over at your place and eliminate them.


Will Cockroaches Go Away For Good When Treated With Pest Control?

The great thing about having your place treated for cockroach infestation by a pest control company is this: they eliminate the source, kill the eggs, and the cycle stops right there. Not only that, the living cockroaches are done for.

Cockroaches are eliminated so they stop breeding, laying eggs in your home, and start another cycle for them. An insect-free home means your place is safe from disease-carrying insects such as cockroaches.

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What is a Mice Infestation?


Mice come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Nevertheless they rarely come alone! At the least not for extended should they get comfortable in your home. One of the reasons mice are such a problem is they can appear just about anywhere, they multiply quickly, and they’re very difficult to obtain rid of.

One of the biggest questions folks have when they believe of mice problems is: just how many mice is considered an invasion? We will have a look at the answer to that particular and additional mice related questions.

What Is A Mice Infestation?

A mouse or two can be quite a problem, nonetheless it isn’t considered to be an infestation. But among the reasons for mice is that just a few mice in your  home can grow and become an invasion in a really short space of time. Mice management experts Central Coast Pest Control recommend acting fast because you don’t have time and energy to delay.

Although the actual definition of an mouse infestation isn’t clear-cut, if you have higher than a handful of mice at home, you have an infestation. Have the mice started leaving their droppings behind, squeaking in the walls, and coming and going throughout the house? At this time, you have an infestation.

A significant fact to note is that by the time you begin seeing signs of mice, you almost certainly already have an invasion in place. A couple of mice isn’t going to create anything very noticeable. They’re also nocturnal animals, so you won’t see a lot of them.

Signs of a mice infestation include:

  • Mice Droppings
  • The Smell of Ammonia
  • Squeaking
  • Signs of Chewing
  • Mice During The Day

In the event that you see mice, it is advised that you never attempt to catch them with your bare hands. Cute they might be, but they can have plenty of health issues connected with them. And you never want bacterial infections being transferred to you or your family.

How To Handle A Mice Infestation

Mice are difficult to deal with. The life cycle of a mouse is incredibly short. They therefore breed quickly.  They create a number of problems and it needs plenty of work to manage them. Knowing just how many mice is considered an invasion is only the initial step. Because the best way to take care of a mice infestation is to avoid it before it happens, you need to begin by preventing your home from becoming the sort of environment mice like. Most mice infestations start because the house is just a perfect place for mice to live.

Just correcting the surroundings won’t make the mice go away. You may also have to discover a way to encourage them from the home. Natural methods such as peppermint acrylic or ultrasonic noise emitters are great. But they might not be enough.

Often, a pest control expert must completely handle a mice infestation. Pest control experts deploy methods such as traps and repellents. In extreme cases, they might deploy poison but modern pest control methods attempt to prevent poison because of the side effects that it can create.

Chandler is Trying to Make a Smart City

It’s Friday night in downtown Chandler and residents are flocking to visit the area’s bars and restaurants.

Parking starts to get scarce as cars file into lots around Chandler Park. A driver on their way to ImprovMania worries they won’t be able to find a spot.

A camera scans the area, counting the number of available parking spaces left. The number is transferred up into the digital cloud. The stressed driver accesses an online dashboard that has up-to-date analytics on where to park.

They find a spot. Park the car. And enjoy their night.

This is a scenario city officials hope will play out through a new partnership with Verizon Wireless.

The telecommunications company entered into an agreement with the city last year that obligates Verizon to provide its parking optimization technology.

Verizon will install video nodes around downtown Chandler and provide the data it collects to the city.

In exchange for this free service, Chandler will waive right-of-way fees for Verizon to use the city’s underground fiber communications system.

The deal’ is meant to be beneficial to both parties: Verizon gets to improve connectivity to its customers with access to fiber networks and Chandler gets data that may make parking a bit easier for residents.

Ryan Peters, the city’s government relations manager, said the Verizon parking technology should be deployed in the next couple months.

Upon completion, he said, the public will ideally be able to access parking data through an online portal or application.

The Verizon partnership could be considered as one example of Chandler’s recent efforts to brand itself as an innovative city.

Aside from being a haven for autonomous vehicles, Chandler is trying to position itself as a “smart” city by utilizing the latest technology to solve a variety of problems.

Whether it’s applying for building permits online or reporting park graffiti through a mobile app, Chandler is adapting to the latest whims and trends of the 21st century.

“We’ve always looked to technology to solve our service-delivery programs,” said Micah Miranda, the city’s economic development director.

Chandler frequently presents itself as a hip, futuristic, tech-friendly city.

During the state of the city ceremony in February, the city parodied its own brand with a video of Mayor Kevin Hartke donning special goggles and exploring a virtual-reality version of Chandler.

“In reality, we really do have much more to offer,” the mayor joked during the ceremony.

Miranda said it has been part of Chandler’s culture for the last few years to seek out smart-city opportunities. He said a strategic plan is currently in the works that will scope out how Chandler’s status as smart city will take shape in the near future.

Each of the city’s departments is exploring smart-city initiatives in one way or another, Miranda added, but the city is only looking at technology that will make its operations more efficient.

“We’re not doing it for the sake of just having a new, cool, shiny toy,” Miranda said. “We’re looking at it to solve a problem our residents, our businesses, our visitors experience.”

Pinning down an exact definition for what makes a city “smart” can be difficult.

In fact, researchers with the United Kingdom’s Department of Business Innovation and Skills argue there is no absolute definition of a “smart city.”

They think it should rather be thought of as a series of steps that lead to a place becoming more livable for its inhabitants.

“A Smart City should enable every citizen to engage with all the services on offer, public as well as private, in a way best suited to his or her needs,” British researchers wrote.

There generally has to be an investment in social capital and digital technology to produce a more attractive environment.

Cheerleaders of the smart city movement warn urban populations will dramatically rise over the next decade, so elected officials need to find ways to keep cities running smoothly.

Critics will argue this reliance on technology to collect data on citizens raises privacy concerns about unwanted surveillance.

Miranda said privacy and security are of the utmost importance to the city. The state already has laws in place to regulate information that can be released on residents, he added, and the city’s legal department ensures any new technology is compliant.

Public safety is one department in Chandler that’s extensively adopted new technology in recent years.

In addition to adorning police officers with body-worn cameras and publishing arrest reports online, the Chandler Police Department regularly collects and analyzes data on where it receives calls for services.

This last year, the agency was able to add an extra patrol beat to the city’s southern district and CPD says its already seen response times decrease in that region.

Because the police department collects so much information on a daily basis, the agency additionally looked for a way to synthesize all this data.

In 2012, the police department adopted Splunk software to initially provide audit functions. The software’s searchable format made it easier for officers to request and access data on arrest reports or crime trends.

For example, Splunk could quickly scavenge through communications recorded on the agency’s dispatch system and pick out inappropriate language spoken by officers.

According to Splunk, this type of auditing process would have otherwise taken several hours to complete without its software.

And the innovations are happening elsewhere across the city.

New smart cameras are expected to be installed later this year that could detect cyclists traveling near traffic intersections. If approved by the City Council, these cameras would adjust traffic signals to accommodate for cyclists or vehicles.

The city says it has several more potential smart partnerships under consideration that could offer new services to residents.

One partnership involves a pilot program with Lyft, the ride-sharing company, which could transport residents to Valley Metro bus stops on the city’s south side.

Due to a lack of transit service south of Pecos Road, the city put out a request from private entities to offer a solution that may be cheaper than expanding bus routes. Lyft responded with an offer to provide discounted rides, if the city paid a portion of a rider’s fare.

The city of Phoenix partnered with Lyft to implement a similar program in 2017. Chandler will spend the next month hammering out the details to its deal with Lyft before it begins deployment.

Pest Control Chandler AZ

The warm has long been the envy of American looking to escape the cold of more eastern provinces. But the conditions that make Chandler appealing to humans are exactly the same that make it an ideal home for pests who wouldn’t be able to survive the cold dry winters further east.

The dense vegetation that covers much of Chandler is home to a wealth of wildlife and associated pests that thrive in the temperate climate. As AZ’s primary gateway to Pacific trade, Chandler harbours also offer some unique challenges for pest control and require continuous monitoring and prevention to ensure that infestations don’t take hold.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pest problem. They can become a huge issue, whether you’re a homeowner or a business manager. That’s why Natural Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Chandler and the surrounding areas like. If you find unwanted rodents, insects, or other wildlife on your property, give us a call. We offer flexible hours so you can call us any time of day, any day of the week.

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15 Things to Do in Barrie, ONT

In Mesa, Arizona it’s easy to find adventure. Packed with excitement, the Mesa area offers visitors an explosion of educational, cultural and outdoor attractions. From interactive museums to Broadway musicals and old west towns, Mesa’s got it all!

You’ll have easy access to the area’s most popular natural attractions, including Superstition Mountains, Apache Trail, Salt and Verde Rivers, Usery Mountain Regional Park and area lakes. Explore the mysterious Superstition Mountains or cruise Saguaro Lake aboard the Desert Belle and Canyon Lake aboard the Dolly Steamboat.

There’s no shortage of family fun in Mesa, either, with kid-friendly museums that will entertain the little ones – and your inner child, too! Hear the roar of the dinosaurs at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Let your imagination take flight by learning about vintage aircraft at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona. Spark your child’s creativity with a visit to the i.d.e.a Museum. Soar the Sonoran skies on a hot air balloon ride and get in touch with nature at the nearby Phoenix Zoo.

1. Play beach volleyball at Tyndale Park. This park also features a sandy/stony beach, a large picnic shelter, washrooms and a play area.

2. Check out drop-in swimming times at the city’s rec centres. The Holly Recreation Centre features a waterslide, water cannons, diving boards and bucket drop.

3. Walk your dog in Ardagh Bluffs. Enter through Ardagh Road near Wildflower Court, off Mapleton Avenue south of St. Joan of Arc Secondary School, or at the south end of Penvill Trail.

4. Have a picnic at Vancouver Lookout or Nelson Lookout. Pack a lunch and enjoy stunning views of Lake Simcoe.

5. Go for a splash at Lampman Park. Check out the splash pad, upgraded tennis courts, skateboard park and basketball court.

6. Wander through the Barrie Union Cemetery. Near Anne Street and Cundles Road, this cemetery is the final resting place of many of Barrie’s founders.

7. Stop and smell the roses at the Southshore Community Centre garden. The Southshore Community Centre was originally a railway maintenance building. You can still see the foundations of an old roundhouse to the east of the building.

8. Stroll through The Gables on Tollendal Mill Road. This park is a great place to bring your binoculars. There’s forest to explore and shore to admire.

9. Ride your bike along North Shore Trail. Hit the old rail trail that runs near Barrie’s waterfront from the Oro-Medonte boundary to Heritage Park.

10. Paddle Lake Simcoe. Swing by the Barrie Canoe and Kayak Club is at the Southshore Community Centre.

11. Have some fun in the sun at Centennial and Johnson’s Beach. Beach bums will love these sandy beaches.

12. Fish off the spit at the city marina. Common species found lurking under the waters are lake trout, whitefish, bass, pike, walleye and perch

13. Skate at the Circle in the Square. Lace up for a few laps at this free outdoor rink at Barrie City Hall. Open seasonally.

14. Play disc golf on Ferndale Drive North. Try out this great new sport, which follows the same rules as golf. Park in the lot just north of the landfill site.

15. Family drop-in at MacLaren Art Centre. Get creative every Sunday when the art centre offers a program for the whole family.


Pest Control Barrie, ONT

The dense vegetation that covers much of Barrie is home to a wealth of wildlife and associated pests that thrive in the temperate climate. As Ontario’s primary gateway to Pacific trade, Barrie harbors also offer some unique challenges for pest control and require continuous monitoring and prevention to ensure that infestations don’t take hold.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pest problem. They can become a huge issue, whether you’re a homeowner or a business manager. That’s why Natural Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Barrie and the surrounding areas like. If you find unwanted rodents, insects, or other wildlife on your property, give us a call. We offer flexible hours so you can call us any time of day, any day of the week.

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Gilbert – Where People Come Together

At the turn of the twentieth century, it was determined that a rail line between Phoenix and Florence was necessary. The land used to accomplish that objective was owned by a man named William “Bobby” Gilbert. Gilbert was an agricultural community and remained a farming town for many years. Gilbert incorporated on July 6, 1920. It was known as the “Hay Capital of the World” until the late 1920s. Gilbert has transitioned from an agricultural town to a young, family oriented affluent city. Gilbert, Arizona was recognized as the fastest growing city in America between 1990 and 2005 with a growth rate of nearly 500%.

The Town of Gilbert doesn’t really have an official response for what a person who lives in Gilbert is called. A Gilbertonian? A Gilbertite? I guess it’s up to you!

Gilbert is located in the southeast part of the Greater Phoenix area. It is one of the cities that is included in a general area referred to as the East Valley. The town offices of Gilbert are about 20 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Generally, Chandler is to the west and south, Mesa is to the west and north, Queen Creek is to the east and south.


Gilbert Neighbourhoods

Gilbert AZ has a lot to offer its residents. However, some neighborhoods within Gilbert are more desirable than others. Below are five of the best neighborhoods in the city of Gilbert.

If you are looking for Gilbert AZ homes for sale, this neighborhood is one of the best choices you can make. StoneCreek is a highly sought-after community located within the boundaries of E Guadalupe Rd and N Val Vista Drive. Served by the Gilbert Unified School District and positioned next to the largest park in Gilbert, this neighborhood is ideal for families with children. This neighborhood also offers easy access to the freeway for commuters.

Another excellent location for Gilbert AZ real estate is Seville, a luxurious neighborhood located between S Recker Rd and E Happy Rd. This neighborhood offers easy access to the Seville Country Club, a prestigious facility with a beautiful golf course and Olympic-size swimming pool. Most of the people in this community are married, and it is the perfect choice for families with children.

Located on the east side of Gilbert, Finley Farms is a family-oriented community with large, multiple-bedroom homes and plenty of amenities. Finley Farms elementary is located within the community, so families with children will feel right at home. To learn more about purchasing a home in Finley Farms, contact a Gilbert AZ Realtor.

If you are interested in Gilbert AZ homes for sale in one of Gilbert’s more active communities, look no further than Power Ranch. Although it is located further from the heart of Gilbert, this community still offers its residents all of the luxuries and amenities they need to live an exciting yet comfortable life. The community is large but close-knit and includes an expansive network of trails. A qualified Gilbert AZ realtor can help you find a home in this exciting neighborhood.

Home buyers looking for waterfront real estate in Gilbert AZ can find everything they have ever dreamed of in the community of Val Vista Lakes. Multiple subdivisions exist within this large neighborhood, so plenty of options are available. In addition to breathtaking views of the water, Val Vista Lakes also offers a number of other amenities, including a well-appointed clubhouse and easy access to nature trails.


Pests in Gilbert

Gilbert is abundant with residential communities as well as economic opportunities. The weather can drive many unwanted pests into comfortable Gilbert homes. Dangerous pests can be harmful and frightening. Other pests like fire ants and roaches can damage property and landscape. Protect your home from pesky pests and call a recommended exterminator today.

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Family Activities to Do in Langley

Located in the center of the Lower Mainland, the Township of Langley boasts several distinct communities that are rich in history and offer affordable housing, ample business opportunities, an abundance of recreational activities, and a variety of shopping.
Go for a swim, shop in one of the lower mainland’s largest retail centers, enjoy dinner out, see a play in a cozy theatre or take in a hockey game in a 5,200-seat arena. It can all be done here, in the Township.

With six distinct communities, the Township boasts a number of exciting urban centers that provide an abundance of conveniences and amenities.

Movie theatres, restaurants, playhouses, pubs, and clubs provide ample entertainment options. Children and families can participate in activities at one of our recreation and community centers, or visit our museums, libraries, and other attractions. Shoppers can enjoy our many retail destinations and unique boutiques in Brookswood and Fort Langley, while fans of sports and entertainment will find plenty to do and watch at the Langley Events Centre.


Pests in Langley

The most common breed of mouse in Langley is the house mouse. They vary in color from white to grey, and light brown to black. These critters have a strong sense of hearing and communicate with other mice by squealing — some audible to humans and extend to an ultrasonic range.
Did you know that house mice are known for their quick reproduction? One female house mouse has the ability to produce up to 8 litters per year!

Our technicians are more than just mouse catchers! They have the structural know-how and hands-on skills to provide permanent solutions to most structural deficiencies that might be causing mice to come inside.

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Pest Control Langley

Signs of a Roach Infestation

Humans have been disgusted by cockroaches for centuries. In Ancient Egypt, spells were used to ask for divine help to banish them, and writings dating to the height of the Roman Empire comment on the feeling of revulsion triggered by roaches. Today, entomologists estimate that more humans fear cockroaches than any other insect. Roaches are fast, smelly and known to harbor a variety of bacteria and viruses. Most people want to get rid of roaches as quickly as possible, so knowing the signs of a roach infestation can help you accomplish your goal.

1. Roach Feces
The presence of roach feces or droppings is a common indication of an infestation. Depending on the species of roach, droppings may resemble specks of ground black pepper, coffee grounds or tiny pellets. Droppings may be found inside kitchen cabinets and drawers, behind large appliances or underneath small kitchen appliances. You can also find droppings in areas that are heavily traveled by roaches, including countertops and around trash cans. Droppings are sometimes very plentiful in hard-to-access kitchen cupboards, underneath stacks of magazines or inside cardboard boxes used for storage.

2. Dead or Living Roaches
Dead roaches can be found virtually anywhere, but their hiding places are common locations. Look for dead roaches underneath sinks, inside kitchen cupboards, under and behind appliances, inside pantries, in kitchen and bathroom drawers, near baseboards, around clothes hampers, and in the utility room. Live roaches are typically spotted at night when a light is turned on in an otherwise dark room. Seeing live cockroaches during daylight hours is usually an indication that the population has grown so large that roaches are being forced to migrate to find new food sources or new nesting places.

3. Egg Cases
The egg cases, also known as oothecae, are oblong, semi-translucent casings that can contain as many as 50 eggs. Some types of roaches carry their egg cases until it is time for the eggs to hatch, and the empty case is discarded wherever the hatching occurs. Other types of roaches leave the egg cases “glued” underneath furniture or in other sheltered locations. If the roach problem is severe, empty oothecae may be present on countertops, near baseboards or behind items on a display shelf. Full and empty egg cases may be found behind furniture, inside books, in cabinets or drawers, behind wall hangings, around pipes, underneath tables, inside storage boxes or in pantries.

Solving Your Cockroach Problem
Roach problems are easier to resolve if they are caught early. However, professional assistance is typically needed to achieve complete eradication and prevent another infestation. Many types of roaches have become resistant or immune to some of the ingredients popular in do-it-yourself treatments, which makes accurate identification of the particular roach species present especially critical. Furthermore, it will be necessary to ensure that proper sanitation measures are taken, including storing food in airtight containers, keeping floors and countertops clean, eliminating any puddles of standing water around drains, repairing leaky faucets and keeping the lids on trash cans tightly closed.


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Your Guide To Scorpions

You might be a little freaked out if you see a scorpion scurry across your kitchen or even your driveway. Although they’re nocturnal predators that mainly feed on insects, they can be harmful to some pets and people if they feel threatened. Since scorpions have some similarities with other arachnids, it’s helpful to know how to identify them in case you need scorpion control services.

Scorpions are very distinguishable by their appearance. Two eyes are in the middle of their heads, and a few more sit on the sides. Scorpions also have a set of claws or pincers, eight legs, and a long, segmented tail. At the tip of the tail is a larger segment with a barbed stinger.

In Arizona, the striped bark scorpion is the most common to invade homes. This species is yellow with two dark stripes down the body and a slender tail. They only grow up to 3 inches long, but their small size allows them to hide in attics and walls.

By comparison, the Arizona hairy scorpion grows up to 7 inches long, and the stripe-tailed scorpion grows up to 2.5 inches long. However, both of these species tend to live in burrows, piles of debris and rocky terrain.

Habitat and Activity
Since scorpions are nocturnal, they’re only active at night. They also prefer warm weather and generally hide throughout winter. If they’re in your home when winter starts, they don’t leave. Their ability to reproduce quickly makes it vital to deal with an infestation as soon as possible.

The arachnids like very dry climates such as deserts and semi-arid regions. However, they’re sensitive to moisture loss, which is why they stay in cool, moist places during the day. They keep hydrated by ingesting the liquids from prey such as spiders, insects and other invertebrates. The solid matter remains when they finish feeding.

Scorpions like to wait for their prey to come to them. Despite having several eyes, their eyesight is poor, so they navigate through touch and sense vibrations. They crush small prey with their pincers, and poison larger prey with their stingers. Their venom is a mixture of neurotoxins that affects the nervous system.

Bites and Stings
Although scorpions don’t bite, some people describe their stings as bites. Most of the time, a scorpion sting isn’t fatal for people. It typically causes redness, warmth, and pain at the sting site. However, the striped bark scorpion has very toxic venom that’s deadly for those who are highly sensitive. The best chance for survival is an antivenom injection to counteract the effects, but it must be administered quickly.

Since there’s no way to tell if you’re allergic before you get stung, it’s important to avoid threatening scorpions altogether. Although that sounds easy, scorpions can attack if you simply get too close. If you see one near or in your home, keep your distance and contact Natural Pest Solutions for an inspection.


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How to Keep Your Yard Free of Mosquitoes

How to Keep Your Yard Free of Mosquitoes

Did you know that mosquitos kill more people than murderers do? Yes! These killer bugs are responsible for spreading life threatening diseases including malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya and many more, which claim a whopping 600,000 humans lives per year. You’ll therefore be doing yourself and the people around you a huge favor by eradicating the blood suckers from your property. However, to effectively rid your yard of mosquitos, you’ll have to understand a thing or two about these pesky insects and stay ahead of their plans. Here’s a simple guide on how to keep your outdoors mosquito free.

Destroy Their Nesting Sites

If you have watched Aliens, the 1986 horror movie, then you already know that to conquer an ever growing army of pest-like intruders, you have to first take out their breeding grounds. Mosquitos are no different. Firstly, you should understand the mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. As such, you should take the necessary precautions by checking and draining any stagnant water in your yard. Places to check include gutters, ponds, kiddie pools, flower pots, tires, puddles, old buckets, pet bowls, etc. Essentially, anything that can hold water is a potential nesting ground for mosquitoes; cutting them down to one generation will surely reduce the number of disease carrying fliers in your yard.

Decorate Your Yard with Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

After eradicating their breeding grounds, you’ll need to keep mosquitoes from other areas from coming into your yard. Well, what better way to do it than to use plants that have both scenic value and scents that repel the little suckers. That’s right, plants like citronella, marigold, and catnip are known mosquito deterrents you can opt for.  Here is more information on plants that repel mosquitoes.

Install Bug Lights Instead of using Incandescent Lights in Your Yard

As you may already know, insects are attracted to conventional light bulbs for various reasons. As a result, mosquitos might be attracted to your yard because of the type of security lights you have on your porch, gate or just around the property. It is therefore advisable to use lights that do not attract insects such as the Warm LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, or other insect lights to keep mosquitos at bay.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Mosquitoes like to hide in dark places especially during the day to strike at night. Therefore, outgrown bushes and branches, unkempt fences, overgrown grass and heaps of debris and plant matter in your yard are perfect hiding places for mosquitos. As such, keeping your yard clean by pruning and trimming your plants and fence and mowing your lawn are imperative for a mosquito free yard.

Note that, mosquitoes are can be annoyingly persistent even with these strategies if your immediate neighbors don’t join in your efforts. However, if the problem persists after all the effort, you can always consider professional treatment services. Otherwise, follow these four simple tips to kick mosquitoes out of your yard.