Common Places Cockroaches Hide in Your Home



Cockroaches are resourceful insects that can hide your house in so many ways. They fly, crawl through small crevices, bags, sometimes shoes, boxes, and containers where they can hitch a ride and go to another place.


So, if you see a small crack in your home or anywhere outside your property, trust that a cockroach and its cohorts have already made that spot as their passage.


What Attracts the Cockroach?

These insects are highly attracted to exposed left over food.

For these insects, finding crumbs of food in the sink, laying on the floor or just plain in sight, these critters will eye their prize almost instantly without a doubt.


So, when you’re in the dining area or at the kitchen, keep your food away, store them or discard them safely. Always clean your eating space so these roaches aren’t invited with tiny food droppings that you didn’t notice immediately.


Cockroaches find moist places attractive as well.

You will find cockroaches hanging out in leaky pipes under your house. They can be also seen lurking under spaces where it’s always wet such as the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and loitering about in the garage where there’s a leak.


Seems like they always have places to stay, which is so true about them. That said, cockroaches aren’t seasonal insects as they tend to be around all the time.


Where Else Do Cockroaches Hide?

They thrive mostly in places where it’s dark and wet.

Cockroaches nest in clothes, cabinets, shoes, curtains… even right in your own bed.

It’s a horrible truth in every household. Always remember to keep your things and home clean, free of food droppings, and plan a schedule of having cockroach pest control come over at your place and eliminate them.


Will Cockroaches Go Away For Good When Treated With Pest Control?

The great thing about having your place treated for cockroach infestation by a pest control company is this: they eliminate the source, kill the eggs, and the cycle stops right there. Not only that, the living cockroaches are done for.

Cockroaches are eliminated so they stop breeding, laying eggs in your home, and start another cycle for them. An insect-free home means your place is safe from disease-carrying insects such as cockroaches.

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